Cheryl Bollenbach

For years I sculpted at an art fair in Lakewood, CO. There was a woman using recycled clothing to hook the most wonderful large rugs. I talked with her and watched for several years before taking the leap into rug hooking in 2005. I went to her class and she handed me a crochet hook embedded in a dowel, and a piece of burlap. I drew up a pattern and have been hooking ever since. I have always loved the human figure and a lot of my own designs are based on portraits or body gesture. My background includes a BFA from the University of Hawaii (Manoa campus). I am trained as a sculptor and much of what I hook will fall back on that training. My observations as an artist are something that I am able to teach and share with others.

I love to teach fiber art and have a laid back and easygoing style. Also, I believe that rug hooking and other avocations should be time that is fun and exciting. Learning new things is something that keeps us young, stimulated and inspired! I am a McGown certified instructor and firmly believe that while this program will teach you many techniques, it is the other teachers that you meet who will fill you with inspiration and help you to grow within this fiber art.
Cheryl Bollenbach

Director of the McGown Teachers’ Workshop South Central Division and the Editor, ATHA Art of Rug Hooking Guild’s Newsletter

Works by Cheryl

SPRING Designed by artist
small spring-1 copy

LETTING GO Designed by artist
1 letting go-1

KAWIKA Designed by artist

THE FABULOUS MISS O Designed by artist
Fabulous Miss O

BETTY Designed by artist
Betty copy copy

HORSE HUG Designed by artist
Horse Hug

PANDA Pattern Available Honey Bee Hive Rug Hooking

FLORAL POTPOURRI Pattern Available Honey Bee Hive Rug Hooking
Floral-1 copy