Sibyl Osicka

My introduction to rug hooking began in 1982. I had wanted to make a Victorian style rug for my living room. I knew it could be done and I wanted to do it! This was my motivation to learn to rug hook. I signed up for classes and began with a small Oriental rug. I finished with the small rug and felt I was ready to hook a larger one for my living room, but my teacher said “slow down.” I had to first learn to crawl, then walk, and then I could take off running. I just wanted to run! I know I drove my teacher crazy. This is something I try to remember when I am teaching! By 1985, I was sponsored for the Pearl McGown Teachers’ Workshop.

I then became accredited in 1989, this was the year I was asked to teach two different workshops and have been teaching since. I have traveled throughout the USA and Canada teaching and displaying my work. I continue to study and expand my knowledge in all aspects of the art. I try new subject matter continuously, working very hard to better my technique and the understanding of rug hooking. I can’t stress enough the importance of learning everything you can about rug hooking! Join guilds, read everything you can get your hands on and practice new techniques! The rewards are amazing!

Works by Sibyl:

Some of her donations to the Cleveland Zoo’s ZippyZooDoo Fundraiser

GIRAFFE AND BABY Designed by Artist
Giraffe and Baby

WILLY AND THE GIRLS Designed by Artist
Willy And The Girls

COLORFUL BEAR Designed by Artist
Colorful Bear

I have been donating my fiber artwork to the Cleveland Zoo for eight years.  This function is a dinner, dance, live and silent auction the first Friday in June, called ZippyZooDoo.  Eight years ago I received an email from an official from the Zoo asking if I could donate a project for this event.  This is how it all got started.  They never tell me how much the items bring but they will tell me a little about who has purchased them and I have never been able to attended as tickets are $250.00 per person!

When it was their 40th anniversary, I made four projects, one for every 10 years. Most of the time I donate 2 items. They need to have the finished projects by April so they can use them in their advertising.  I have to start thinking as to what I will do for the next year when I make my donation.  All of the items are framed pieces so they can prop them up against a wall for all to view.  My husband does all of the framing.  If I didn’t frame the pieces they would be placed lying down on a table and might not be viewed.

Other works by Sibyl:

CAROUSEL HORSE Pattern available Honey Bee Hive Rug Hooking
Carousel Horse

TOY RUG Pattern available Honey Bee Hive Rug Hooking (designed by artist)
Toy Rug

MISS JAPAN Pattern available Honey Bee Hive Rug Hooking
Miss Japan

Lancaster Wall Hanging

SPIRIT OF THE MOON Designed by Artist
Spirit Of The Moon