Pearl K. McGown Hookrafters Loanables

Chairman of Loanables: Cindy Irwin 717-208-6565

The Loanables now are making available the writings of Pearl K McGown for research please go to the new page Pearl K McGown’s writings and lesson plans: 

Hooked Pieces

#716 – “Illusion”, hooked by Eileen White

#CS33 – “Wild Rose” with scroll border, hooked by Mildred Prall

#DS14 – “Floral Doorstops, hooked by Eileen White

#PT4 – “Scrolls”, hooked by Laverne Brescia

#FS43 – “Feather Scrolls”

#FS60 – “Scrolls”, hooked by Hallie Hall

#CS336 – “Prall’s Bubble”, hooked by Mildred Prall

#PT7 – “Snowflake”, hooked by Hallie Hall

#FS68 – “Imperial”, hooked by Doris Chandler

#408 – “Dia – Geo”, teachers’ sampler, hooked by Myra Perry

#PT31 – “Trumpet Flowers”, two versions, one dark, one light, hooked by Edna Gifford

#FS82 – “Sheikh Center”, hooked by Mary Gere

#P196 – “Bicentennial Bell Pull”, hooked by Lila King, gift of Gulf Coast Prairie Chapter

#P228 – “Christmas Tree”, hooked by Sue Vonhof

#FS87J – “Essex” pillow

#FS84 – “Oil Mine”, gift of Pearl McGown

#P75 – “Scroll Sampler”

#CS322 – “Butterfly”, hooked by Eileen White

#761 – “Kaleidoscope”, teacher sampler hooked by Eileen White


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Figuring the Amount of Wool Needed, Calleja, Betty Rae

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Wycinanki, Polish Folk Paper Cuts, Gacek, Anna Z., Sarmatia

Books and Booklets by Pearl McGown

COLOR in Hooked Rugs (3 copies) McGown, Pearl K.

Helpful Hints on Hooked Rugs, McGown, Pearl K.

Lore and Lure of Hooked Rugs, (3 copies) McGown, Pearl K.

The Dreams Beneath Designs, McGown, Pearl K.

YOU Can Hook Rugs, (4 copies) McGown, Pearl K.

National Guild Newsletters from 1974 through 1981, and 1983, 1987 and 1988. Not all issues from each listed year are available. Write with your request.

Complete set of color samples and the Munsell Manual of Color.

Complete set of OLD Dorr background swatches, for matching old wool colors. These would be useful in matching old dye formulas.

Dye Books

Vegetable Dyeing, By Alma Lesch

Dye Plants and Dyeing – A printing of Plants and Gardens

Dye Plants and Dyeing – A printing of Plants and Gardens – revised

Natural Plant Dyeing – A printing of Plants and Gardens

101 Formulas for Casserole Dyeing, By Edna Fleming

TOD – Vol. 1 and 2

Hooked on Transcolor Swatches, by Bea Christoff

Shading with Swatches, By Clarisse McLain

Anyone Can Dye, by Clarisse Cox

Spots and Scraps, By Dottie Ebi (2 Copies)

An Introduction to Natural Dyeing, by Robert and Christine Thresh

Rug Hookers’ Dye Manual, From Connie’s Cauldron

Green Mountain Colors, By Anne Ashworth and Jean Armstrong

Multi Dye, By Mary MacKay, Arline Robbins and Sally Newhall (2 copies)

The Microwave Dye Book, By Joan Terrio

Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing, By Rita J. Adrosko

Audio Cassette Tapes

Interview with Pearl K. McGown, Genevieve Fairfield, Mary Tillson, Edna Fleming, 1972; relating to formation of the National Guild and First Exhibit.

Hooked on Hooking

Mary Tillson on television, 1976

Video Cassettes

1. Hooked on Hooking, from the Chicago Exhibit, 1982

2. Boxboro Exhibit, 1988

3. Rivier Rug School

4. Sands Point, Long Island Exhibit

5. National Exhibit, Chattanooga, 1994

6. National Exhibit, Sacramento, 1996

7. National Exhibit, Daytona Beach, 1998

8. National Exhibit, Manchester, NH, 2000

Color Print Albums

1. National Guild Exhibits, 1972 and 1974

2. All rugs

3. All small pieces

4. Miscellaneous (2 volumes)

5. Southern Teachers’ Workshop (gift of Iola Platz)

6. Collection of photographs compiled by the late Caroline Collett, given by Marguerite Monthie (all black and white)

7. Hooksett National Guild Rug School, 1976

8. 1976 National Guild Exhibit

9. 1978 National Guild Exhibit

Slide Carousels

1. Story of Sturbridge Village and Miscellaneous Rugs: 79 slides; Pearl narrates.

2. One of a Kind: 60 slides; oldies, geometrics, scrolls, florals; Pearl narrates.

3. Seldom Seen: 60 slides, 1974; Pearl narrates a long or short version.

4. Beginners to Sophisticates: 79 slides – old patterns; Pearl narrates.

5. Pairs of Geometrics and Scrolls: 80 slides (1972); no script, but has an audio cassette by Pearl; set begins with slides describing Sturbridge Village.

6. Pairs of Designs for Comparison: 58 slides; Pearl narrates.

7. Orientals: 60 slides; Pearl narrates.

8. Geometrics: 60 slides; Pearl narrates.

9. 1974 National Exhibit: 127 slides; Pearl narrates.

10. Florals: 65 slides; Pearl narrates.

11. Primitives:61 slides; collection of antique rugs shown at the Museum of American Folk Art, NYC, 1974; text by Norma Pelletier

12. 1976 Garrison National Guild Rug School: 63 slides.

13. 1976 New Hampshire National Guild School: 70 slides; script

14. Pageant of America: 20 hooked tapestries depicting pioneer America; script

15. A/B 1976 Strurbridge National Exhibit: 2 carousels, about 150 slides; script

16. How Pearl Named Her Rugs: 60 slides; Pearl narrates

17. 1978 Sturbridge National Exhibit: 79 slides; Pearl narrates.

18. 1978 Garrison National Guild Rug School: 49 slides; script

19. Small Pieces: 75 slides; good subjects for chapter projects; Pearl narrates.

20. Antique Rugs from the Art Institute of Chicago and 1978 Southern Teachers’ Workshop: 78 slides; script

21. 1979 Southern Teachers’ Workshop: 49 slides; no script

22. 1980 Southeastern Teachers’ Workshop: 80 slides; script by Pearl.

23. 1980 Sturbridge National Exhibit: 61 slides; script by Pearl

24. 1980 and 1981 Rivier Rug School: 71 slides; script

25. Pearl Talks to Local Women’s Club, 1980: 72 slides; Pearl’s story of her life as a designer and the building of her business—lengthy narration.

26. A – C. 1982 Chicago National Guild Exhibit: A has 78 slides; B has 80 slides; C has 59 slides, including first rugs, originals, small pieces and pictorials.

27. Hooked on Hooking: 108 slides; the story of rug hooking produced for the Chicago Exhibit.

28. 1983 and 1984 Rivier National Rug School: 74 slides; 1984 script is incomplete.

29. 1984 Asilomar National Rug School: 80 slides; script

30. A/B. 1984 Chattanooga National Exhibit: A has 139 slides; B has 42 slides.

31. 1985 and 1986 Rivier National Rug School: 71 slides.

32. 1985 Southeastern Teachers’ Workshop: 54 slides; script is incomplete.

33. A/B. 1986 Buffalo National Exhibit: A has 140 slides; B has 76 slides.

34. 1987 Florida Exhibit: 80 slides; no script, but many slides have visible labels.

35. 1987 – 89 Rivier National Rug School: 119 slides; script

36. A – D. 1988 Boxboro Exhibit: A has 140 slides; B has 125 slides; C has 140 slides; D has 140 slides. Assorted subjects on each tray.

37. 1990 Rivier National Rug School and 1991 Country Inn Rug School: 75 slides; script.

38. 1990 Chicago National Exhibit: 102 slides; script

39. 1992 St. Louis National Exhibit.

40. 1992/1993 Country Inn Rug School: 95 slides with script.

41. 1996 National Exhibit, Sacramento: 140 slides, no script.


Rug Hooker Magazine; Sept/Oct, 1997, through March/April/May, 1999, gift of Betty McLentic.