PEARL K. McGown Guild

Thank you for your interest in joining the National Guild of Pearl K. McGown Hookcrafters! We are delighted you have decided to join a national group which focuses on the tradition and history of our craft while welcoming and embracing new techniques and traditions.  The guild was formed by Pearl K. McGown to bring together rug hookers like yourself with an interest in learning more about your craft and who appreciate rug hooking as an art.  The Guild has a rich tradition and works to preserve the history of rug hooking.  It is an open guild welcoming the work of those who prefer all styles of rug hooking, be it fine cut or wide.  McGown members enjoy patterns from all sources and delight in original designs, while remembering and honoring the talented rug hookers who have come before us.

Access to grants for exhibitions, a large library of loanable materials, and educational information on our webpage are a few of the perks of membership.

The fiscal year of the National Guild is from June 1 through May 31. Each member is required to pay in advance a full year’s dues to the Chapter Treasurer on or before May 20 for each fiscal year said person is a member. If there is no Chapter in your area you may join as a Member At Large. Your dues will be remitted to the National Guild within ten days of payment and will receive a membership card and issues of the Guild publication for that fiscal year. Membership dues are $26.00 per year ($15.00 of which is for the Newsletter).

Applying or Renewing your Membership is now offered on-line. Please click the PayPal button “Subscribe” below and then complete the membership form below that, and email it to

If you are Renewing your Membership, you can still fill out the form and send it to our Treasure, she will take care of updating your membership.

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Download the form here and email or mail it in.

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