Requirements and Application Form For Educational Grant

Mission Statement:

Dear Chapters and Members,

Are you planning an Exhibit, Rug Show, or Hook In?  Will your event include educational activities such as public access to the art of Rug Hooking, Demonstrations, or Classes taught by active McGown instructors? If so you may be eligible for an educational award to help with the cost of your event.

The National Guild of the Pearl K. McGown Rug Hookrafters Inc. is offering a limited number of monetary grants to eligible Chapters and Members at Large who are planning educational Rug Hooking events, which embrace our mission and purpose to further the education and interests of the public, teachers, and pupils in the art of Rug Hooking. 

Grants will be made on a first come first served basis to applicants who meet the criteria set forth for receiving the grant and who are willing to provide a follow up report so that we can put the story of your event on our website and in the McGown Newsletter.  

Monetary grants of no less than $250 will be made for appropriate educational expenses. Chapters/Members who are planning a rug show or hook in with demonstrations or teachers or some combination would be eligible to apply.  In addition the National PKM Guild can provide consulting services in the areas of event organization.  

Applications should be made no less than 4 months prior to the event.

If you are planning such an event and are interested in applying for the PKM Educational Grant, please contact or apply to:

Sally Ballinger            708-702-3804

Benita Raleigh           203-838-2979          

Pearl K. McGown Educational Grant Application

NAME:            Member_______________________________________________________________



Chapter: ______________________________________________________________________


Event Description

Please attach a detailed description of your event on a separate page. Include the following information:

Date/dates of the event:

  • Location
  • Have you conducted this event before?
  • How many people do you expect to attend?

Please list the educational components of your event, i.e. This could include that the rug show is to the public, and there will be demonstrations of rug hooking, lectures, classes, etc.

  •  How many members/others will be staffing the event?
  • Hours of operation?
  • What educational goals do you have for the event?
  • What expense are you applying for?
  1. How will you advertise your event?
  1. Will you require any of our consulting services?
  1. How much money are you applying for?

Print name____________________________________________________________


The Criteria for application to the Pearl K. McGown Educational Grant

  1. Must have a rug hooking exhibit and all monies must be used to defray the cost of such exhibit.  Costs may include cost of the venue, advertising cost, postage, or rug hanging equipment.   What is being paid for is at the discretion of the appropriate applicant.  
  • The event must be advertised in the McGown newsletter and the McGown web page (prior to the event).
  • List the Pearl K. McGown National Guild as a sponsor of the event on all advertisements
  • Have available McGown brochures for information about the McGown organization and its membership process.
  • A follow up report to the McGowan Executive Board President including but not limited to the following must be written with in 60 days:  how the money was spent, the number of attendees, the educational goals that were met.  An itemized account of how the grant funds were expended should be submitted.  This report must be sent within 60 days by email or snail mail to the President of the Executive Board.  The President will send a copy to the Chairman of the Board.
  • The Application must be submitted no less than four (4) months prior to the event and must be sent to either Sally Ballinger or Benita Raleigh
  • A written article must be sent to the McGown newsletter editor Nan Bass within 60 days of the event detailing all facets of the event (with the exception of money received or spent) McGown Sponsorship must be noted.

8.   If the exhibit does not take place after the money has been allocated, all funds  must be returned to the McGown National Guild. Any unexpended grant 

  •  Only one application (and one payment) per event will be awarded.